Pasta Tuya Food Distribution in Santa Ana, CA - 714-550-7313
The Pasta Tuya Commitment
The enormous growth in the food industry has led major corporations to  seek in technology and mechanization a solution to meet the high supply demands. Many products are now being mechanically elaborated. This process has altered the quality and original flavor of such products. 
New and distinctive forms of communication between buyers and suppliers have emerged; giving the appearance of a better customer support.
If we analyze these and other changes in the industry, we can only conclude that the essence of customer service has been lost. What is left is a business to business relationship We are here to offer a personal customer support.

Our goal is to search for the best quality products to bring to our customers. We take our customerís trust very seriously and we offer to be there in the unexpected challenges of your business to help you meet your needs. We are committed to help busy chefs finding the best ingredients to prepare their unique recipes.
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